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Cyprus – the Jurisdiction of Choice

for International Businesses

  • has a Stable Democratic Government
  • has a Common Law System
  • has an Effective Judicial System
  • is a Member of the EU
  • has a Sophisticated Advanced Banking System
  • has Highly experienced legal, accounting, banking and company administration professionals offering services at competitive prices

          Most Importantly
  • Excellent and effective network of double tax treaties
  • Favorable Tax Regime applicable to Companies that are tax resident in Cyprus
  • New legislation relating to the exemption of non resident domiciles from levies/ taxes on interest and dividend income
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          Cyprus – Double Tax Treaties
  • Impressive Network of Double Tax Treaties based on OECD Model Treaty
  • Network (around 50 treaties) includes all major jurisdictions including Russia and China
  • Excellent tax planning opportunities in a tried & tested environment

          Cyprus-Taxation (1)
  • Corporate Tax Rate of 12,5%
  • No withholding tax on dividends payable to non residents/ non resident domiciles
  • No tax on the sale or transfer generally of shares
  • Effectively no tax on income from dividends
  • Income from royalties effectively discounted to 2.5%
  • No income tax for salaries paid to non resident employees
  • No inheritance tax
  • VAT where applicable at 19%
  • Expected changes allowing ten year tax holidays on salaries over EUR 100,000
Cyprus Jurisdiction 2 568x348

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          Cyprus today…
  • The center for FX & Binary trading world wide in a highly regulated environment
  • A large number of local and international banks
  • Opportunities for higher net worth individuals to become permanent residents in an EU Member State
  • Substantial natural gas and possibly oil reserves off the Southern Coast of Cyprus expected on line in the next 4 years


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