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“Best Friends” Arrangement

We are delighted to have commenced a “Best Friends” arrangement between P. N. Kourtellos & Associates LLC and C.D. Messios LLC.

The two firms share common values and are committed to offering competent, commercial and practical advice to their respective clients. C.D. Messios LLC is based in Nicosia whilst P. N. Kourtellos & Associates LLC is based in Limassol. Both firms have strong litigation practices and the type of complex cross-border litigation which they are involved in, requires a reliable professional presence in the two main commercial centers in Cyprus.

There are other synergies relating to different areas of practice and which will best be served by this step. The “Best Friends” relationship is aimed at enhancing the quality of services offered by both firms and where necessary, aims to enable the two firms to share knowledge and resources with a view to optimizing the availability of sector specific expertise from either firm to clients regardless of where the clients come from.