Madrigal is the corporate administration and fiduciary arm of C.D. Messios LLC. Madrigal is a corporate service provider which offers full administration and nominee services to Cyprus Companies, as well as companies registered in all the major tax incentivised jurisdictions in the world. Madrigal comes under the supervision of the Cyprus Bar Association as a subsidiary of C.D. Messios LLC.

We focus on solution-orientated advice, understanding the Client’s affairs and the problems arising from these whilst solving them in a timely manner.
Madrigal offers company formation, fiduciary, trust, treasury and book keeping services for Clients whose business activities are spread over the four corners of the globe.
We draw expertise not only from C.D. Messios LLC but also from our wide network of international tax consultants, auditors, bankers and financial services professionals, allowing us to provide the optimum solutions tailor made to the Client’s needs.

We apply the strictest KYC, AML and Compliance policies and standards and aim to maintain in the strictest of confidence all the necessary data and information of our Clients.
We have a broad local and international client base and service individual and corporate Clients involved in complex commercial transactions in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the rest of the world.


Fiduciary & Trustee Services

We offer a wide range of Fiduciary Services including:

Banking and General Payment Services

  • Management and administration of Clients’ Funds
  • Dividend distribution
  • Escrow Services
  • Structuring and administration of Trusts

Company Secretarial Services

Our experienced team provides our Clients with a range of supporting services in order to ensure that the corporate entities under our administration function smoothly and effectively. Our Company Secretarial Services include:

  • Registered Office Service
  • Company Secretarial Services
  • Nominee Services
  • Nominee Directorships
  • Maintaining Statutory Books
  • Preparation and filing of all returns

Our Company Secretarial Services are always performed under the strict supervision of our legal team.

Tax Services

Tax planning – personal or corporate

  • Selecting and setting up the appropriate structure to minimise tax exposure
  • Advice on Double Tax Treaties utilisation.


  • Preparation and maintenance of accounting records with special reference to accounts payable, accounts receivable (issuing of invoices and following up payments), Bank / Client Reconciliations
  • Preparation of management accounts and Cash Flows
  • Preparation of Statutory Financial Statements
  • Payroll Administration
  • Tax Compliance Services such as the preparation and submission to the appropriate authorities of all tax returns for all types of taxes [income tax, corporation tax, VAT].

 Company Formation

 We can undertake the whole process for the establishment of corporate presence in Cyprus or in other jurisdictions worldwide.

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