The firm has an ever growing reputation as a commercial legal practice that can handle a broad range of litigation and arbitration matters.

We have a broad local and international client base and service individual and corporate clients involved in complex commercial transactions in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the rest of the world.

The Firm advices individuals and corporations in complex cross border disputes in various courts and in various international litigation forums.

Work is undertaken with a strong focus on achieving the goals set by the client, resolving disputes and other problems and creating long term client – adviser relationship

Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Services provided

  • Construction and Civil Engineering Disputes
  • Cross Boarder Finance related proceedings
  • Financial & Regulatory Disputes.
  • Company Insolvency and Liquidation
  • Commercial Disputes

Dispute Resolution Experience

SO much international business flows through Cyprus that inevitably complex litigation matters are often litigated or referred to disputes in Cyprus.

C.D. Messios LLC has a wealth of experience in dealing with cross border dispute resolutions.

We are predominantly involved in commercial and construction disputes.

We are able to manage and carry out the most complicated technical dispute which gives rise to the need for coordination with counsel all over the world.

We act for businesses involved in:

  • Proceedings in court and international arbitration forum arising from bond issues by real estate companies
  • Arbitral Proceedings arising from a shareholders dispute in a holding company
  • Arbitral and Court Proceedings in relation to breaches of partnership agreements
  • Complex technical disputes in large scale construction and engineering projects
  • Related ancillary proceedings to freeze assets, secure information and register arbitral awards and court decisions from other jurisdictions


The focus is on using our knowledge and handling contentious matters in court or in arbitration so as to achieve the Client’s aim.

Success is measured by the Client’s satisfaction of the results achieved.

Rapid response in a manner which concentrates efforts at achieving the goals set is the key to our dispute resolution services.

All efforts are dependent on in depth knowledge of procedural requirements in all litigation and arbitration processes and the ability to coordinate with other advisers and the Clients themselves.

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