Our firm handles Employment Law matters ranging from the drafting of the Employment Agreement to the handling of the end of the employment relationship.

We predominantly act for employers hiring senior executives from EU and non EU member states and senior members of management teams. We also act for large organisations, assisting in drafting standard form contracts, collective agreements and related negotiations and in mass redundancies or specific termination for cause.

Transfer of Undertakings

We are experienced in offering advice under the relevant EU directive relating to the safeguarding of employees’ rights in the event of transfers of undertakings, businesses or parts of undertakings or businesses, taking into account the rights and obligations of the transferor and the transferee. We provide support and advice as to the information and consultation process that the transferor has to follow.

Termination of Employment

We have handled a variety of cases dealing with the termination of Employment for employers, senior employees and executives generally. We represent clients in the Employment Tribunal and district courts in termination of employment by reason of redundancy, unlawful termination and termination for cause and constructive dismissal.

The firm provides employment law support to a significant number of companies as part of their restructuring and re-organisation so as to comply with all relevant legislation and directives governing these processes and to avoid, where possible, claims against them arising from these events. We successfully represent those companies in the Employment Tribunal securing favourable outcomes for our clients.

We also advise businesses on mass redundancies handling and on the special regime governing expectant mothers. We are also advising on the consultation requirements for mass redundancies and the notice that must be given to the Ministry of Welfare and Social Insurance due to the increased number of employees that will become redundant.

Non EU Executives

Our firm advises corporate clients in the process of obtaining work permits for employees from third countries coming to Cyprus to work for our clients here.

Contact Person: Marilena Stylianou on marilena@messios.com